…home is where the heart is :)

Good Bye Madison, Thanks for the Great Summer! 🙂

Hellllooo Manitowoc, WI! (my hometown) I drove home on Monday afternoon after a very busy last day in Madison. I sent out all of my 7 flat rate boxes… saving about 20-30 dollars per box by using flat rate! 🙂

As soon as I arrived home, Jamie (my step dad) also pulled in the drive way. I unloaded my stuff and came into the kitchen only to find that it is ALMOST finished! Jamie is remodeling the whole entire kitchen and it looks great! It is ALMOST finished!!

Shortly after I got home, I left to go to my old stomping grounds – the YMCA. My good friend Carrie was teaching a cycling class and wanted me to join her.. round 2 of workouts for the day!

This is the first time that I did cycling in that room as a member and not the instructor! 🙂 Crazy!! It was a great class and got a little extra burn for the day! Nothing better than a little more workout to end your day!!

When I got home I mixed up a new recipe…its called….

Lotta Tomata Pasta

  • Tomatoes – Chopped
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Parmessan cheese
Start with oil and garlic in the pan. Get it warmed up and add in the tomatoes. (I have been using 3 tennis ball sized tomatoes.)
Getting it to where it is bubbling and add in the cheese! Super quick and easy! Try it! 🙂
******       *******      *******      ********        *********
Since I have been home some of the little things I have been doing were….
  • Made Peanut butter with my Mama…
  • Helped her roll egg rolls for the cocktail party for my sis’s wedding…
  • Brushed my Sunny Bunny…(and gave him his new collar)
  • Played with my boys… Hoss and boone….
  • Went through all of my “things” I am taking to CA….
  • Organized my Mama’s basement…
  • Went to the YMCA.. of course….
  • Went through old pictures…
you get where I am going…. I LOVE going home…there is just that feeling… and it is good! 🙂
What are your favorite things to do when you go to your HOME home?
Going back to the Y, hot tub with my mom, playing with Blake.. just being there! 🙂