Surfs up Sunday..

Morning friends! Happy Sunday from santa cruz!
Well, this morning my plans took a little turn…in a positive way!

Sunday morning looked like this….
730 – gym for a hard cardio session
900 – body pump
1000- home, breakfast…shower…errands times a million…clean on…

While I was going to do this, keith was going to go surf and be back around 2…

well he decided he wanted me to come…so now my day is flip flopped…..( no pun intended.)

So here I sit, watching my love surf and writing my blog!

We MIGHT be going skim boarding after, but this little lady needs to get her workout on and errands ran! 🙂

So for now, happy Sunday and I will return today/tomorrow with Saturday mornings adventures/restaurant review/ikea fun. 🙂

Have you ever surfed or skim boarded?
Not me! Watched it..I have a skim board! Paddle board…yes!