… Guest post!! :)

Howdy Everyone! Sorry for the MIA on Monday!

This week is crazy and I don’t have access to fast internet!!

I asked my friend Marie from the Troy Gardens to write a lovely post and it is great!

Take it away Marie!!

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Hey guys! I’m Marie, Liz’s friend from the kids garden.

Liz asked me to

write a guest entry about gluten free eating. So…. here it goes!!!

 Since day one I’ve always had stomach/intestine issues (my mom can

validate that… sorry mom).  We couldn’t pinpoint a reason why my tummy

 always hurt until….I graduated from high school!! At that time a few

of my cousins got diagnosed with Celiac disease and I got tested too. I

don’t have Celiac disease, but I do have a gluten sensitivity. Ever

since then I’ve been doing my best to avoid eating gluten products..and

my tummy thanks me!!!


Here are some ways I keep myself sane while abstaining from gluten:

  •  -remind myself of the consequences from eating gluten (bloating, tummy
  • ache, a long time in the bathroom etc…) general feelings of discomfort
  • – eat Greek yogurt (cough Fage cough)
  • – snack on fruits, nuts, and almond butter
  • – always keep gf pasta, gf bread (Udi’s brand is my fav), and quinoa in my cupboard

                -thanks to the Gluten Free Expo for filling up my

pantry…best day ever!!!!

  • – remind myself of the consequences a few more times
  • – read gf blogs and cookbooks to get new recipes!
  • – have fun with cooking, and learn how to use new foods..every day is a new challenge and I love it!
  • – think about the consequences a few more times

Just for kicks here’s a yummy quinoa recipe (I brought this to a potluck with all of the garden girls!)

Recipe and Photo courtesy of Ashley Rodriguez from gojee.com.

This ancient grain is packed with fiber and

protein, is gluten-free and is as adaptable as pasta or rice.


Quinoa cooks up just as easily as rice and from there the options are

 endless. My recent favorite quinoa-based dish was delightful little

salad that consisted of 1 1/2 cups quinoa, 1 can black beans, 2 small

zucchinis that were sliced then grilled with olive oil and salt and


I tossed in some roasted pepper, finely minced garlic (one

healthy size clove), a handful of chopped cilantro and a good amount of

fresh feta (cotija would have also been a lovely choice). A squeeze of

fresh lime juice and lime wedges served along the side and this salad

was as pleasing in my belly as it was to my eyes.

Marie  also wanted to give you a quick FYI on her favorite beer so i concocted an About Me!

About Me

  • Name : Estrella Daura
  • Who Makes Me : Estrella Damm brewery
  • Tastes Like: Fruity and Floral on the nose with sweet spices
  • Texture : Creamy
  • Awards : World Beer Awards: World’s best gluten free beer – 2008,2009


Thanks Marie! You did a great job! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed Marie’s Post about her ways of coping with this sensitivity!

How do you Potluck?

…with friends and food of course…!

Well guys,

As I said yesterday, I promised you the d.l of the potluck that I had at my sister and her fiances apartment.

It all started right after my workout on wednesday when I ran to the grocery store to get a few items including these little guys…

and they turned into these….

and with a frying pan and some olive oil…. and some lovely condiments you will get the perfect black bean burger!

My girlfriends that came over all brought great dishes to pass. I work with all of these girls at the garden and one of them even brought their Boyfriend. 🙂 It was nice because then my sisters fiance had someone to be a man with. 🙂

Here are some of the salads/dishes that they brought…

A beautiful delicious kale salad from my friend Elizabeth…

A delicious quinoa salad from my friend Marie….

and a scrumptious rice/summer squash baked dish from Michelle… 🙂

Thanks girls!!!

My sister also contributed a treat (along with her apartment)

Raw vegan cookie dough balls!! Heaven!! 🙂 I also made a yummy treat similar… Chocolate balls…

ANNNDD… sarah also made some yummy banana soft serve….I chose to eat mine like this!

What a great treat that you don’t have to stress about because it is real food that is good for you! 🙂 (minus a few choco chips)

I ALMOST forgot to mention the drinks… I am definitely not a big drinker but every 3 months or so (laugh all you want) I will enjoy something tasty and this is definitly delicious… Naughty Girl Wine. You can find it in Door County, WI!

ANND… for something to actually quench our thirst, I made some yummy infused water with lemons and strawberries!!

I had such a great time with some of my new friends from the Troy Gardens in Madison.

Can’t wait till next week when we (hopefully) will be taking a trip off into madison for their Restaurant Week.

How do you enjoy gathering with friends?