… Moss Beach Distillery…

… is a restaurant just outside of half moon bay CA.

Keith and I went here on thursday night.. because we could only use our view-pon Mon-Thurs….
…………We found THIS out when we used our It’s Italia View-pon……. (friendly remind of THIS)

….Because of the whole situation that we couldn’t use our view-pon and it wasn’t listed when we could/couldn’t, I wrote a very friendly email suggesting that it should be listed on the view-pon especially when they are given as gifts! πŸ™‚

…..Because of the email.. we got reimbursed for the first viewpon AND got offered ANOTHER viewpon for the Moss Beach Distillery! πŸ™‚ So we went..otherwise we don’t really go out to eat much!

Check out their Website here… Β πŸ™‚

We Made reservations for 7:30.. (Late for dinner for me.. but I didn’t have class the next day)

We arrived at 7:40… oops! πŸ™‚

When we arrived it was sooo dark out which was unfortunate because
this restaurant is literally right ON the ocean! lol…
Well.. right NEXT to… (thats better)

We each just ordered water..
and we pulled out the menus!

(There is a huge STORY about the lady on the cover..)

EVERYTHING looked great on the menu…
BUT expensive and we didn’t want to go over the 40 dollars by TOO much.

We decided to split 2 dishes…

The seafood platter AND fish Tacos!!
(I have not eaten deep fried food in quite some time..
so I was a bit nervous.. my belly doesn’t react well to that stuff
with all the grease… but it sounded really good)


IT WAS!! πŸ™‚


Holy Yum!!
Looking back at these pictures is currently making me drool! πŸ™‚


During our meal we had great discussion but I was a little more “Aware” of my surroundings..
… Here is why…


and now… since the 1970’s, the visual sightings have tapered off…
BUT… the ghost has learned to move things…
For example…. Glassware, chairs, lamps, lights going off then on…strange presence!


We did really LOVE LOVE LOVE the food though!
We both haven’t had really great seafood for a while and this hit the spot!!


Then the waiter asked about dessert, I said No no, I am good!
I went to the Bathroom…
Came back to this strange grin on Keith’s face…
1 minute later this gelato arrived at our table…

Lol… apparently he couldn’t resist!!

We took this outside and sat around the fire pits that they offer for the guests!
It is a great environment outside … and dog friendly! (They have a dog menu)

We enjoyed this outside and then called it a night because Keith still had to work!

**Over all… AMAZING**
I would go back with a viewpon again! I just hate spending money on food even when it is delicious!
The views during the day seem as if they would be phenominal!!

***Hope you are all enjoying your saturday…SUPER busy over here!!***