Pots vs. Plots

I am back again, (thanks to the weather!)

One of my new interests that I am taking up this summer is gardening.

I grew up on a hobby farm with horses, pigs, chickens, bunnies, kittens, geese and many dogs. My mom also spent alot of her days in all of our gardens. We had 3 large gardens which included everything from asparagus, to rhubarb, to an over abundance of raspberries and the LARGEST pumpkins ever!

Since I was little I have always appreciated fresh food items that my mom and dad put on my plate and now that I am in control of what I eat, I am choosing to learn more about having my own green thumb.

I am currently spending the summer in Madison, WI living with my sister from Sarah Learns and she was able to set e up with an application for a position at Troy Community Gardens. This job has really just proved to me why my parents raised us this way and why I want to continue to be resourceful and grow my own garden. Finally, I want to share with you my little garden, via flower pots. 🙂

(I am learning that a big difference of gardening in pots vs. a plot is that there are a few ALOT less weeds)

In my garden I have everything from,


Tomatoes and Tomatillos….to….

Climbing green beans….and last but not least…


It is really fun to grow them in pots. They are like my little babies; for example, when I am gone for the weekend and I come home only to see that they have grown an inch gives me the biggest smile. 🙂

Although I have alot to learn about growing my own garden, I am learning something new every day. When I planted my little bean seeds, they recommended having them sit in water over night to germinate. Sure enough, I took them out of the water in the morning to plant and they had little sprouts out of the sides of the beans. It was a great feeling. 🙂

Although I would love to have my own huge garden, starting slow is still a great learning experience and if all that I get is 2 beans off my bean plant, that is 2 more beans that I would have gotten without my plant.

As for today, there will be no gardening at the Troy Garden because of the storms that have been happening this morning. Because of the storms, I was able to write up this post though. 🙂 It is also allowing me to get my workout in right now so I can pursue more of my adventures today including…

1. Going to the library

2. Make some turkey burgers

3. Improve my blog

4. Learn more about my financial aid situation for my Culinary School enrollment

Looks like I have an exciting day ahead,

Hope you guys all have a great day too.