….grape fruit challenge…

Rerro everyone! 🙂

As always, I hope everyone had a very fulfilling weekend! 🙂
I did!!!

Another monday well under way today…
but.. I wanted to talk about something that I left you hanging with yesterday

Remember these…

A cute little house warming gift from Keith’s CEO!

They have a grapefruit tree in their back yard and we were lucky enough to receive some of them…
He proposed a challenge..

Make something yummy with them!!
So I thought… cupcakes…sorbet…QUICK BREAD!!

Love quick…
So I went to the fabulous askjeeves and asked him for a great recipe…

Right Here! 

I baked it and sent it to work with keith!!
And kept a little here for a snack…

I think it turned out….

BOMB diggity! hehe… 🙂

Smell it!! MMM!! Not the typical “fall” bread.. but hey.. its a-o-k!

Wishing everyone a good monday!

Why is Monday sooo challenging? How do you feel about them? 

They are ok, but I think that is always a shock. I think that all mondays should not start till 10 or so… it is always just soo over whelming!! Eye yi!!

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