To coupon or not coupon….

That is the question!!!
COUPON! Is the answer!!

So, since keith and I have been trying to be really frugal lately we have been all about couponing!!

(LONGEST receipt ever… with 36 % savings!! 🙂 )

.50 cents off a box of granola bars…big deal!
You are right…it is a big deal!
You have 10 of those coupons and you save five bucks!!
Hello, join me on a little math lesson!

1. save 5 bucks twice a month = 10 saved dollars
2. 10 times 12 months in a year = 120 dollars!
Now, you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to save that mjch each year!!
Off soapbox…
How WE get coupons…

1. Online coupons through safeway- our local grocery store!
2. Coupons in the mail
3. Booklets through out the store with coupons!
4. Coupons you earn as a member – example – costco.
5. I hate to admit it..but in the recycling in our apartment mailbox room! Some people don’t take the time to do coupons!
6. Coupon – you may find some on here you like!
7. Ask jeeves! Whole foods couponsalmond milk coupons here ..and here... He will tell you!!
8. Getting club cards at stores!! Cvs is great for this!!
9. Groupon…viewpons……… and more…
9. Plenty more……

….now is the hard part…remembering them!!

Find a way to organize them!
Make a shopping list and tape them on! 🙂
Bring back the good old clip board!  (yeah… nerds over here I know! ) BUT… MONEY SAVERS! 🙂

It may seem tedious…but it can be reallly fun too!
Hope there were a few tips on here for you!
( pic of keith)


Any tips or websites that you use?

I know you can buy coupon packets etc…. but the point is saving money right? Unless you are EXTREME.. sticking to the basics seems a bit more realistic. 🙂