… I coudn’t wait till tuesday…

…this recipe is too good to be true! I SWEAR!

We all exagerate or what seems to be exagerating alot on our blogs, but we all LOVE recipes and food and sharing it with all of the readers! 🙂
… But.. this recipe… zero exageration… this recipe is the real deal!
Even if you don’t have to make cookies… do it! Give them to a friend, co worker.. or you might jsut want to eat them all!!


So I posted this recipe during my 2nd class during culniary school…
My Chef gave this recipe to us and we made them in class…

….after I made them, I brought them all to Keith’s work as I did with most of my baked goods…
and they loved them! They all dubbed them as the best cookie they ever ate… I was blown away but I have not made them since…

now.. instead of just calling them the “cookies” they have a name… they are called 2.5’s!
Why you say?

Well, here is why!
Each of our baked goods were graded based on criteria…

and well..

These cookies right here only got a 2.5/3 because they were slightly under-baked..
but for some… underbaked is good… and well… this is how these cookies got the name of 2.5!

so, with out further a-do,

2.5’s (choco chip cookies) 

5 oz butter (room temperature is KEY, NOT melted)
4 oz white sugar
4 oz brown sugar
1.5 tsp salt
3 oz eggs (about 1.5 eggs)
1 tsp vanilla
10 oz All Purpose Flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
10 oz choco chips
4 oz nuts (optional) I did not use them this time

1. Cream butter and 2 sugars together. (Until it JUST reach’s the point where it is incorporated and creamy)
2. Add salt, egg and vanilla to above mixture until incorporated.
3. Combine Flour and baking soda
4. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients until ALMOST incorporated.
5. At the point where you can still see a bit of the dry ingredients, add the chocolate chips and continue to mix until the chips are incorporated and the flour is all gone. (The less mixing the better)

Scoop out about 1 tbsp of dough per cookie.

Bake 375 – 8-12 minutes…

You are looking for a little browning around the cookie base as well as on the peaks of the cookies and at this point they are done even if they look soft! 🙂

Pinky Swear, you won’t regret this! (They were so good I packed them all up for Keith to take to his co workers and didn’t even take a picture… so you should make them and take a picture and show me! 🙂

p.s… Happy Monday!!

..YAY school….

As you may/may not know.. I started a new class this week!
First day of new classes was Monday (11/7) of intro to baking and Pastry!!
In this class we are basically touching base on EVERYTHING that we are going to do in the upcoming classes!!
I would LOVE to update you every day.. but I will try to do a few weekly updates..
Here is one of them!


We made Chocolate Chip cookies



This is the box of goodies I dropped off at Keiths work on my way to the gym after class! 🙂


The information given on this page was stated by my Professional Baking and Pastry Chef at the California Culinary Academy…

We also learned the 3 basic mixing techniques….
(Determines how the fat is mixed in)
1. Creaming Method – cream fat with sugar. add eggs. add dry ingredients.

2. Biscuit Method – cut the fat into dry ingredents. add wet.

3. Batter/Muffin Method – liquid fat. combine wet. combine dry. combine WET into DRY!

We also learned the Difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder
They are BOTH Chemical (non yeast) Leaveners

Baking Soda
= Darkens your Product
= Produces CO2 when it comes in contact with moisture and acid.
=(Foods with acids – brown sugar, buttermilk, sour cream, molasses, coco powder, citrus)
= Should be baked immediately
= used for more DENSE items – ex. cookies, quick breads

Baking Powder
= It is a combination of baking soda, acid and starch.
= It is double acting = reacts with moisture AND heat
= consists of self contained acid = DONT NEED ACID TO USE

Can you substitute?
If you use powder instead of soda and then add brown sugar or an acid you will have a double acid!
= texture will be off as well as taste.


We also made Brownies!!

oh.. and…


We made strassburger cookies!
They are a european cookie!

They turned out really cute! 🙂

and I also got them graded… 3/3 🙂
and 3/3 on my brownies!!

So far soo good! 🙂

Cumulative GPA:
4.00 Cumulative GPA and Total Credits Earned amounts reflect the aggregate totals for all coursework taken at the institution.The actual CGPA and Total Credits Earned for the current program may be different for students who have transferred between two or more programs.
Term Course Course Code Grade Credits Attempt/Earned Instructor Start Date End Date
September 2011 Food Safety and Sanitation LCBC105 A 3.00/3.00 George Torassa 9/26/2011 11/3/2011 12:00:00 AM
September 2011 Culinary Foundations I LCBC110 A 4.00/4.00 George Torassa 9/26/2011 11/3/2011 12:00:00 AM

Yay! Pat on my back!!