School update!

Its already Tuesday and this week is flying by!
I am very happy because my love is coming home today!

He has been in texas for the past 3 days at a convention for work! He has been having a great time and working hard!
Bring on the bonuses!
I am hoping to have a few pumpkin treats ready for him when he gets home because pumpkin is one of his favorite flavors! (More to come)

….so..that school thing…
I am currently in my 4th week of culinary school!

I have the two courses that I am working soo hard in…
Culinary foundations and serv safe!

Culinary foundations is a brand new course for baking and pastry students this year and we are so lucky to have it.
All my tools..:)

We are learning specific cuts and dices…batonnet…julienne..matignon…tourne etc!
We are also learning how to make stocks, a roux, bechamel, mayo, braised lettuce, lamb stew etc. :o)

Safe serv is a great class because we are learning a ton about how the food process works from purchasing to serving and everything in between…temperatures..bacterial growth…food borne pathogens etc. In two weeks I will take an exam to become safe serv certified! So far I have gotten 2 92%s and a 100%. So far so good!

Something also crazy is that my chef was once a san francisco giants catcher! He is also a well known ice carver, opened a school in napa and has a ton of experience! Check out these articles for more….


..and here….

As far as what’s coming up next for classes..I don’t know yet! It is still not listed in my student portal..when I know I will let you know!

Also..I was talking to another student who is further along in the program and he said you take a TON of pastries, breads etc home…so I hope my work place is ready to get spoiled…because this lady will not be joining the statistic of gaining weight during culinary school. :o) most of you know me and know this wont happen.

I plan to taste things for learning purposes only…it is what it is boys and girls. :o)

Any who…I hope this brought you up to speed (and didnt bore you) on where I am in my schooling… 🙂

Happy Tuesday and happy my love comes home!
P.s…I am working on my 101 in 1001 list..since it was my 101 post yesterday!