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At the coppa

…Osteria Coppa it is! 🙂

I got done with work friday night and went to the gym because I went into work early so I had to save my workout for the night…. so off I went!

When I got to the gym, I realized that Keith and I have NOT gone on a date in forever! Totally unnecessary but we were REALLLLY tight on money for a few months so it just couldn’t happen.

I texted Keith during my workout and told him… We are going out for dinner and Shiloh (our pup… more details to come) is going to have a play date with his girlfriend.

He said, sounds great! I put him on “Mission: find a place for dinner.”

We decided to just go to our downtown, San Mateo. Since we really like to stay in and cook dinner, we don’t really go out much so we wanted to check out another restaurant.

After walking around downtown for a bit we found a great looking restaurant called “Osteria Coppa.”

When we got there, there was a 35 minute wait for the indoor seating, so we just settled for outdoor seating with heating lamps… which actually kept us warm enough that we took our jackets off and made ourselves comfortable.



Water for both of us as well as a loaf of Fresh Acme bread. SOOO GOOD!! We also had some olive oil and balsamic.

To start off, Keith and I got what they call ” image

Fried Maitake mushrooms with marsala sauce.” One word… AmAzInG! I love mushrooms, marsala… you name it! ( i apologize for the horrible picture)

For our main dishes, Keith and I split 2 dishes.

1. Pappardelle: braised short ribs and fresh horseradish.



2. Amatriciana: Pancetta, red onion, pecorino and hot pepper. image

Keith and I were very content with our bellies after our meal as the servings were definitely on the “smaller” size for a restaurant, but perfect and what we were used to! 🙂 We left for home with 2 pieces of pizza and smiles on our faces.

The question after the meal was, to get dessert or not? We were very content so we had to decline our servers offer. . . . but to our surprise, she brought us one (on the house) of their top sellers… which was a decadent butterscotch pudding. It was nice, but being a certified pastry chef and understand plating, I feel like they could have taken


it up a notch. 🙂

Over all, this restaurant is great!
“Our menu changes regularly, based on the offerings of local purveyors, artisans and farmers, and we are committed to using the freshest, most flavorful seasonal products we can find.  We also support and use organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients when possible.” stated their website! 🙂

Again, over all…

*Great Atmosphere!
*Great Food!
*Perfect Portions!
*Great GREAT service
*$$$ – but worth it!

I Also made Keith a card for our date….It went a little something like this…
I love cheese…. AND YOU! 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did…
Happy Monday tomorrow! I will be back to recap my weekend.


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