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Off the grid@

Good Morning Everyone!

I am here to wish you a happy saturday!
It is supposed to be a beautiful day in my neighborhood today so I am stoked!

As usual,
I will be off to the gym for a fabulous run/zumba/body pump. 🙂
… Then… it is pretty much a free day.

I do have alot that I want to accomplish this weekend, and to make sure I do, I might as well share.

1. Oil Change
2. Bleach my chef jackets/aprons
3. Go to target
4. Fill out some extern paper work
5. BLOG!
6. Laundry
7. Groceries
8. Poach Pears
9. Make Banana Bread

…. and then whatever else comes my way.

But, I also came on here to tell you about what we did last night and what our back up plan was in case we didn’t make it to our 1st plan.

1st plan = Go see the hunger games! We have been wanting to go since it came out, but our schedules are so nut-so that we never made it, until last night of course. The movie started at 7, and I work till 6:30 so I got out at like 6:23 which makes a big difference. I flew home, ate some oatmeal squares with very  berry cherry and almond milk in the car for dinner and we made it there right on time.
**Keith’s Mom gave us date money for his/our birthday to go see a few movies so we bought tickets from costco because they are cheaper. 🙂

Back up Plan = Go to off the grid. Now, if you remember  Keith and I took Kelly and Amanda here 2 weekends ago and it was a blast and a few of my friends were going to go last night so we could have met them there.

What is off the grid? It is a gathering of food trucks/vendors in a circle down in fort mason in the city. There are a few alcohol vendors and music too. It is a great way to REALLY be able to choose what you want for dinner even if someone else wants something else!

… when we got there, you could smell soooo many different smells! It was too cool an slightly frustrating as I wanted to try everything.

Keith started us off with some savory pumpkin fritters topped with some crazy peanut sauce that you might find in thai food. He got them right away… and then he got a shrimp taco… and then more pumpkin fritters! (Kel, Amanda and I definitely helped him with his first tray of them. :))

…. and I got something delightful, which inspired what is going to be our dinner tonight! 🙂
It was from an indian type truck and I got sweet potato fries, topped with tikka masala and grilled tofu chunks and onions and a tiny bit of cheese (that I should have not got because of my tummy). YUM… we are having that for dinner tonight! 🙂

Kel and amanda each got some mexi food… Kel got a duck taco and Amanda got some sort of burrito. THey each chose dessert too. Kelly got bananas foster fritters… and Amanda got a good ol’ red velvet cupcake.

Overall, we LOVE off the grid and will be going back soon.

The downside is that it really isn’t that cheap. You would think for food trucks it would be, but the prices are up, up and up so that is kind of the only bummer. 🙂 If you ever come to the city, keep this in minds. It is a great way to get all sorts of culture in your mouth at once.

Happy Saturday everyone! (i really want to blog all week this week, so cross your fingers that my weekend lets me write a few of them. 🙂



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