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… Keith’s Birth-DAY/night recap!

Hey Guys,
So as you know it was Keith’s Birthday last week thursday and I put together quite the day of food for him! It was fabulous.

The day started with a yummy-delicious breakfast for him… I had 2 pancakes as I was going to workout shortly after so a full plate of breakfast would not have been smart. I prepped the night before so I wouldn’t have to make to much noise in the AM…
On the Menu was..
1. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – BOMB!.. if you appreciate a good pancake, you HAVE to make these!
2. Applewood smoked Bacon
3. A fried egg
4. A fruit salad


……. He loved it! So I wished him a good day and off he went to work and I went to the gym…

I went to jamba juice and got him one of his favorite… the dreamsicle one… and then I went to costco and I got him  one of the polish dogs with mustard and onions… or as he used to say when he was little… “A hot dog with the bread” Costco is a cheap place for a meal… 1.50 for a large polish/hot dog with toppings and a soda… I left my soda cup there for a random person because we don’t have drink it! 🙂 He loved his lunch!


Dinner was the real deal! All week I worked really hard at meal planning/shopping/prepping for the night!
I got a new table scape and yummy food! I made a yummy salad full of delicious crunchies… and a great dressing (more to come on that )… then I made one of Keith’s favorites… Leg of Lamb and I made some Israeli couscous… for dessert, I made him Mini carrot cakes! 🙂

….. the plate of our meal was taken a LITTLE to late as I forgot and just couldn’t resist.. ooops!

THEN, we did gifts! 🙂 I got him some kitchen tongs, sliders for working out AND a skateboard helmet… I love him to much for him to skateboard without a helmet! 🙂

Overall, He had a great day! 🙂 I had a ton of fun and it was perfect! 🙂


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