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Ta ta ta tasty tuesday!

Good Morning Everyone!

I am happy for several reasons today!

1. My love FINALLY got back from Kentucky yesterday after he missed his flight sunday! I missed that boy!
2. It is Tuesday… and well.. I only have one more day of class this week!
3. My birthday is in 2 days!
4. It Is/was my Dad’s Birthday today! I will till celebrate! 🙂 He was soo awesome and I still think about him soo often! He would have been 59 today!

(Thats my dad with my cousin Hunter, from 1998) Time sure does fly!

5. It is tasty tuesday today! HOllla!

*** *** ********************************** *** *** *** *** **************************************** *** ***

Time for a little tasty tasty for you!

Have you ever decided to have people over and not have a clue what to make? Make Mousse! Peanut butter nutella mousse!

Then, scoop into a little bowl and have a cookie on the side and you are set!!

Nutella/Peanut Butter Mousse

1 pint heavy cream
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 nutella

Blend/puree/food process the peanut butter/nutella until really dreamy cream!
Pour cream into bowl. Whip on high speed continuing to move your hand blender around until whipped cream consistency! DON’T whip to long or you will have sweet butter! 🙂
Fold the two together and ENJOY!!

… I made this recipe for some macaroons… recipe coming soon! 🙂 (These DON’t have feet.. 😦 more to come)

***              ***                *** 

Now, it is time to BOOOOOGY your BOOOOTY!
Bringing back good ol’ Shakira!

HERE is the music… and
HERE is a video! Get up and DANCE! 🙂

Happy Tuesday Friends!
Cheers to life!


2 thoughts on “Ta ta ta tasty tuesday!

  1. first – amazed at those macaroons! wish i could make them…
    second – great song! i wiggled to it a little in my chair…
    third – happy birthday to dad!

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