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Tasty Tunes-day!

… We are here again to celebrate tuesdays! Well, tuesdays on my blog at least because they are super fun! 🙂

A tune paired with a tasty treat, how much better can you get?

This week, my tasty treat is SUPER tasty! Quick and Easy! A great meal for ages 3-old! 🙂
Chicken tenders with a little twist… again, another recipe thanks to pinterest!! 🙂

Coconut crusted chicken tenders!  

They come with a great sauce, crispy on the outside, yummy in the inside!

1 tip I do have for you… Bake them on a wire rack over a pan because this way they will get crusty all the way around!  


Now, that you ate with eyes, time to burn some cals!
**** **** **** **** **** *** **** *** **** **** **** *** ***** **** *** *** ****
Put on your dancing shoes and listening ears to jam out!

It is a new zumba song that we did in class saturday! 🙂

Enjoy! Make these tenders! Do a dance! C ya!


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