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Monday make ups…

Howdy everyone..
My Sunday literally flewwwww..I have no idea where it went that I did not even have a spare 10 minutes to blog..so we are going to do a Monday make up madness post..it may seem like a lot..but I have to make up for lost time….

1. My eyes are getting better! I went back to the eye doctor and he said I can slowly start wearing my contacts more! Yay!

2. These are a few cakes I have made over the past few weeks in class… carrot cake and a st. Honore! Looking good huh?… the carrots are purple heirloom carrots! 🙂 Dare to be different… !



3. I also made this cake for keiths grandmas birthday this past weekend!

….Lemon blueberry cake… with a lemon mousse filling… and a lemon butter cream…garnished with plump dried blueberries and white chocolate crumbles around the outside… want a piece?

4. I got new running shoes! I love getting new shoeeees! this is the first time that I am trying brooks..the place I usually get my shoes replaced mizunos with brooks…so we will see how I feel!


ignore the white legs please… 🙂

5. My birthday is right around the corner!

…this is the birthday cake Sarah made for me on my 21st… ahh… already 4 years ago! Time must slooow down!

6. Keith and I started our baby garden….hopefully it works! We have cilantro..basil..rosemary…green onions and lettuce!

7. I bought corned beef for st. Patricks day this up coming weekend…to make these lovely sandwichs…I can’t wait….keith will probably pair his with some green beer!

8. My best friend from kindergarten and friend amanda from junior high are coming to visit me in a month! Yay! Starting to plan our itinerary!
What would you do if you came to the bay area?

9. A few new buys…cute little snackity cucumbers and a yummy chocolate bar…also.. plantain chips…they were so so! I love new items… and some necessary kitchen baking items!


Few! This is what happens when I don’t blog for a bit….

Do you have any St. Patrick Day Plans?

What would you want to do if you visited the bay area?

What are your favorite running shoes? 

Did you miss me??


One thought on “Monday make ups…

  1. so many things to comment on!

    we don’t have any st. patrick’s day plans…but we’re going to st. louis the next day, so i’m guessing we’ll keep it low key.

    if i came to the bay area i’d want to eat lots of fresh fruit, go to a farmers market, go to alcatraz (!!), and eat at a cool restaurant in san fran.

    i love my new brooks adrenaline shoes! my feet are very happy.

    also, your cakes look awesome. i love that trader joe’s chocolate bar (i have one in my desk at work for chocolate emergencies). wow, you ARE getting old – can’t believe i made you that cake almost 4 years ago! yay for your baby garden! we’re doing a porch garden again this year…it’s not quite time to put stuff out yet, though.

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