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If you could chose the perfect WIAW,
EVERY food would be exactly what you wanted…
What would it be?

I would choose…
My breakfast wrap…
A yummy sandwich on some yummy bread…
A delightful fruit salad….
A Cobb salad for dinner…..
…and a glass of milk….


But… it really looked like this…

..maybe I will take another photo for you guys.. but it will look the same! 🙂
If you have not tried this yet… just do it okay?

Moving on to snack and lunch….

…come a little closer to my veggies and tuna…
..tuna with a bit of sweet relish and evoo mayo..and PEPPER!

…with an english muffin…

…Cliff Bar for my pre-workout snack…


…. 2 un-pictured cuties went into my lunch satchel in case I need an afternoon snack!!


Burgers… with real hamburger.. NOT turkey!
We treat ourselves once or twice a month to hamburger meat instead of turkey and it is YUM!

… and a side dish..

..quinoa-ey goodness… (make this.. for real)
Recipe here!!!

. .. and a piece of trader joe’s  dark chocolate bar with toffee bits and walnuts and pecans! MM!

oo… did I mention…


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