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Tasty Tunes-day – part 6

It is officially a true love! We met 6 weeks ago and since then I will continue to have our relationship grow,

Tasty Tunesday, Lizzslivelyliving officially LOVES YOU! 🙂

We are back again with yet another lovely tasty tunes-day! I have a great recipe to share with you that can be either sweet or savory!  The recipe is…… drum rolll pleeeaseee….

Crepes!!!!! Good ol’ crepes! They are taking the breakfast menu by storm lately, especially with the crepe cakes!! But today I  have a simple recipe for you that can be played around with as much as you want because it is hard to screw up!

**I made these friday for Keith and I to use to make home made Cannelloni – as cannelloni are orignally made with crepes**

Crepe Batter

2 oz Bread Flour
2 oz Cake Flour   —-> OR… instead of BOTH, 4 oz All purpose… OR… I did 2 oz WW flour and 2 oz A. P flour
.5 oz sugar —> I did .25 oz because I was making savory and I added some pepper and italian seasoning
1/8 oz salt
3 oz eggs
8 oz milk (room temp)
1.25 oz. oil …(can use butter too) –> it is for the pan in between making each crepe

1. Soft flours – if you have a sifter! I don’t have one at home so I did not and they turned out great.. I did at school and it turned out just as good.
2. Combing flour, sugar and salt.. ( and seasonings if adding more)
3. Add milk and eggs to the mixture. —> Do not over mix because you will cause the glutens to start to develop and will get tough crepes.
4. Whisk mixture until just incorporated without adding to much air. **Hold the whisk down to the bottom of the bowl so there is not to much air going in.
5. Strain the batter to get all the lumps out.
6. Let batter sit for 1 hour in the fridge.
7. ….1 hour later…
8. Heat pan to a medium temperature.
9. Spray pan (BEFORE every crepe)
10. Dump about 1/8 c of the batter in and move liquid around swirling evenly in a circle around the pan.
11. Flip when the liquid is not moveable.
12. Enjoy with savory or sweet fillings… or.. make cannelloni… I did! (More to come)

************************ ***** ************************

Now, it is time for the tunes! Time to jam out! Time to feel goooooood! 🙂

Wanna feel good!
Here you go!

Happy Tunes-day Everyone!!


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