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“.. Monday Monday..”

…”can’t trust that day”….

… that is quite the true song by the beatles! You never know what you are going to get on a monday morning.. most likely it is going to be a bit rough, but that is typical right? On to chatting about an even Keith and I attended this weekend with our friend Gojk (G-oik)

Goik arrived our apartment at about 1125 shortly after I got home from the gym! Showered up quickly and headed out for our adventure!

We went to the 31st annual clam chowder cook off in santa cruz, CA!

We arrived there just in time to find a great parking spot and to go purchase our tasting kits!!

we mosied on down to the board walk and came across the area in which we were looking for to purchase our tickets!

We bought our taster kits which included…
5 taster Tickets
A bowl
A spoon
A napkin
2 winner Tickets

We headed on into to start tasting! We would hop in line and get our bowl full and we continued to do this until our tickets were gone. We would share a bowl here and there so we could make our tickets last longer.

We tried a total of about 7 or 8 different chowders and after our tickets were gone, we decided to vote!

Both of my Votes went here!!

When we were done with the tasting, we continued to walk down the boardwalk just to see all the activities that were going on… lots of rides, music, food stands etc.
THEN… we started seeing MORE taster tents only to find out that if we walked a BIT further down that the tasting went along the WHOLE boardwalk.. bummer… lol.. oh well.. we still tried some great chowder!

After our boardwalk adventure, we ran back to the car to put a little more change in it so we could walk out to the pier and play on the beach!

During our walk out on the pier.. I had a flashback from when Sarah and I came out to visit Keith when he was going to school in San mateo in 2007… I got the WORST EVER EVER sun burn of my life and I will never forget it!

I blistered and it was HORRIBLE!
Any ways….

We continued to walk out to the end of the pier because Keith wanted Ice Cream! So he got some ice cream and ate it at the end of the pier…
Along the way we stopped and played in a few shops…

..on our way back we went down to the sand to play some frisbee!
I on the other hand apparently didn’t think that frisbee was exciting enough so I decided to step on a huge chunk of palm tree bark… (something like that) and the thorny parts stabbed me in my foot! It was bleeding but i recovered quickly! 🙂

… I mean.. I can’t miss out on throwing the frisbee around…
We quickly came to realize that the parking meter was going to be experied in T-3 minutes so we dashed back to the car!

It was a great day spent outside!
Happy Monday, although it definitely will not be as good as this was!


3 thoughts on ““.. Monday Monday..”

  1. I am jealous, we are looking at getting 5 inches of snow between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning and you are playing on the beach.

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