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Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1?

.. Yup, that was me the past few days!
Keith was in Florida since sunday but is arriving home shortly! 🙂

I realize how lucky I really am to have such a wonderful boyfriend everyday, but even more when he is gone! I realize how much I jibber jabber when he is here because I always feel mute when he is gone.. 🙂

since he has been gone, I have been pretty much cleaning out the fridge aka “leftovers” for dinner. I have also done smoothies for lunch! 🙂 I stated the other day that Keith isn’t a smoothie for a meal type of person.. so I did it when he was gone! 🙂

*** *** ***      *** *** ***      *** *** *** ***      *** *** ***      *** *** *** ***

Speaking of food, it is another great WIAW everyone, so join me on a journey through my eats….. I think it is pretty veggie-fied! 🙂

Breakfast… yup!
SAME ol SHMAME old, but soooo gooodd!!…recycled picture but still makes my mouth water!!

In case you don’t know what’s in it…
1. whole wheat tortilla
2. TBSP p.b
3. TBSP nutella
4. 1 Banana
5. Half an apple
6. Drizzle drizzle of honey
7. sprinkle sprinkle of flaxWal-lah!!
Snack Time Before my workout

I do love granola bars of all sorts!
Although, I want to find some lower sugar ones! 🙂

Time to Munch my Lunch…
Or slurp.. ANOTHER great smoothie today.. topped with some fiber one puffs!Smoothie consisted of…1. handful of spinach
2. frozen pinapple
3. fresh blueberries
4. Fresh apple chunk
5. frozen berries
6. Carrot Juice
7. Almond Milk…Enjoy….….


un-pictured snack of carrots, pretzels AND greek yogurt dip ….

Dinner Time 

Leftover crab cake with a slice of ciabatta bread
AND some sautéed bell peppers and mushrooms!

..two little pieces of this delicious chocolate that Keith got at trader joes the other day! 🙂

… ANOTHER successful day of eats if I say so myself! 🙂
Cheers and Happy Hump Day! 🙂


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