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Seven Sundays

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It is always a happy feeling knowing it is sunday, but on the other hand, that means that monday is right around the corner and well, we all know how mondays are… a little rough around the edges! 🙂 ….except when you dont have work all week! 🙂 well… kind of…

The school that I work at has “ski week” this week and I don’t have to go in except thursday… but I do have lots of projects to work on.. but in a location of my choice! 🙂 maybe… my couch..table..coffee shop… where ever I want… and I can do it allll in a day.. or over a few days.. so I really like it! I do STILL also have class so I will still be very busy, just with a different schedule.. !

1. Since I just got new insurance through work, I am able to make appointments so I bet you know what I have been doing/will be doing this week too! 🙂 I had an eye apointment on friday (because I didn’t have class) AND I have a dentist appointment on tuesday! Yay for a teeth cleaning…

2….My eye appointment also went well…I found out why my contacts have been treating me horribly for the past 4-5 years too… I have these little bumps on the inner eye lid which is called papillary conjunctivitis… I have to take 3 different eye drops for the next 60 days in hopes it will go away…

… now this doesn’t seem to bad… but imagine your eyes ALWAYS being irritated, producing some gooey stuff in the corners of your eyes and your contact lenses always sliding around in your eyes! well that was me.. so lets cross our fingers that this will all work! 🙂

3. Have you been to trader joes lately? .. I have something to tell you…. THE ALMOND MILK IS 1.69!!!!! I bought 3 which really isn’t that much, but I didn’t want to go over board! I would highly suggest going and snagging some of this!

4. do you want to make the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever? the recipe.. well.. I have it… seriously, 150% sure that these are the best… ask ANYONE who ate one… the recipe will be here for you this week… stay tuned.. until then!

5. How was your valentines day? Mine was great! Thanks for asking! We made crab cakes with a yummy salad and we got frozen yogurt for dessert! MMM!!  When I woke up on V-day morning it was another blah blah early 4:50 am early morning what not.. lol.. excpet I turned the lights on to these beautiful flowers! 🙂 and a wonderful card from my love!

I left him 1 of 2 cards on the table with this cute little heart! I saved our anniversary card for the evening along with this wonderful gift that he LOVED! 🙂 I love this man! 🙂

6. I start a new class tomorrow at school. It is called International Patisserie, Cake Formula and Assembly! Whatever that consists of, I am excited! Hehe! Wish me luck!

7. … Since Keith won’t be home for dinner this week (only monday/tuesday) I thought I would buy things to make smoothies… since he disagrees with smoothies for dinner! I bought some carrot juice from costco and a big ol’ bin of spinach! I have lots of frozen/fresh berries, bananas, apples, flax seed and almond milk! Can’t wait to share the recipes/ideas with you!


How do you feel about smoothies for a meal?


5 thoughts on “Seven Sundays

    • Thanks alot! I don’t do it often, but I bought the supplies for some good ones this week! I like to do smoothies when I feel like my pallet is getting bored.. it is like smelling coffee beans in between smelling perfumes! 🙂 How did your smoothie turn out? What was in it?

      • My smoothie was pretty good for a first one! haha

        I put spinach, pb, banana, and greek yogurt…next time i’ll definitely use vanilla yogurt instead of plain and I’m going to add ice or something for a better texture. I’ll be interested in trying some of yours, as i want to start making a habit of it!

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