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what I ate wednesday!

Tis the day after Valentines,

and Im feeling fine! 🙂

It is WIAW and I want to share mine!

Breakfast! yes.. it is what it looks like… MY WRAP!!

I can’t help it.. it is just sooo good and everything I crave in the morning!!

Snack time and Lunch time…
Looks very similar every day but a few changes here and there…
today my sandwich was on a homemade potato roll..
WITH an egg… I NEED more protein in my day! (about 6 grams per egg)

Berry/Grape Medley!
Cucumber/Carrot/Pepper Combo
Spinach, Ham, Egg and a bit of mayo sammy!

Pre Workout Snack = Luna Bar


Kiss – For whenever the sweet tooth comes a calling!


Sauteed Veggie Medley
Curly Fries 🙂
Turkey Burger (fried in evoo,garlic and white wine)
*Topped with onion, ketchup, mustard, avocado and spinach*


That’s all she wrote  ate!

Happy Wednesday/Hump Day!!


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