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Sunday Sevens!!

Howdy Everyone!

Hope everyones Sunday morning is off to a good start! Mine is so far far so good! Keith drove to the east bay for finish some yard work for his parents and have breakfast with his neighbor and he left pretty early so he can get back here to get stuff done.. errands etc.

1. My Sunday = I currently just finished my yummy flax biscuit with jelly and apple with peanut butter! It was yum! I have all sorts of things to do today too… today is my active recovery day so I will be doing a bit of last minute cleaning, blog writing, valentines day/anniversary prepping and some shopping at ross with my gift card! πŸ™‚ I also have a meeting with a bakery this afternoon to see if they have any possible externship opportunities for me for June! Wish me luck… πŸ™‚

2. Speaking up baking, I havenot been really keeping you guys up to date with my current class but that is is because it is all over the place and alot of recipes are very complicated ( puff dough, danish dough, croissant, sourdough etc.) and now typical “in home” recipes…. they could be and if you are looking for any of the recipes of pictures I post let me know… maybe I will do a few here and there but it is not as simply as my last class with cookies.. biscuits etc.


3. I tried something I had been wanting to do in the kitchen for a while! …. I LOVE egg yolks on toast, waffles, pancakes etc… and I was curious as to if I could just fry the yolk..without it breaking and making a big ol’ mess in the pan… and well… I did it!!

4. New eats from trader joes…. Yummy falafel chips and some instant coffee! The falafel chips are super yummy.. similar texture as trader joe’s corn tortilla chips but with more flavor.. the coffee I have not tried yet as I am still finishing up my current container from safeway! I am looking forward to it… I go through coffee slowly.. so it may be a few weeks before this update!

5. Happy Chinese New year! Keith and I drove into the city yesterday to go to china town for the festivities and the parade. We met up with one of my new friends.. (she’s from Michigan) and here boyfriend! It was QUITE the experience.. a little China Towned Out… lol.. more to come on this! πŸ™‚

It was a great time.. but boy oh boy.. I was ready for some American everything… Lol! πŸ™‚

6. Β We got new pillows! πŸ™‚ Keith and I had a great conversation the other day about how pillows are like shoes… and you shouldn’t really borrow other peoples because their head forms to it possibly… and well… their head goes on it… some drool possibly etc…. I was using an old pillow from his parents house and he was also just using a random one and we decided to take advantage of Macy’s sale and go get new pillows! We did lots of testing that day by laying on the floor with the pillows and we each came away with a great pillow! I got a stomach sleeper pillow and he got a back sleeper!

7. New breakfast lately! I have done it and kept it up for a few weeks now rotating oats into my mornings! The most successful bowl consisted of roasted sweet potatoes in honey, pureed with banana and vanilla. I added a scoop of that in my oats every morning with my plumped dried cherries and a little almond milk over the top! πŸ™‚


Hope everyone enjoys their sunday! I do believe I have a shorter week this week! πŸ™‚ Yay!! Cheers and do something wonderful for someone you love this week! πŸ™‚

Have you bought a new pillow lately?Β 




2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens!!

  1. ahhh, liz! brad would cringe at both of your sleeping positions!

    all of your baked goods look delicious & fancy pants.

    i saw those falafel chips at tj’s this morning and was tempted by them, but i didn’t buy any. maybe i’ll try them next time!

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