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Plump, Plump plump em up!

I bet I got you singing that song now…
except it is usually, “Pump, Pump pump it up! “

But the question is, what in the world am I talk about!


…do you ever make cookies with raisins, but the raisins are all dried up…
… do you ever put dried cherries on your oats but they take away from the creaminess of the oats…
…do you ever want some fresh cranberries, but only have dried ones….
… do you ever wonder how some restaurants have the perfect little blueberries in their muffins that don’t look fresh…

Well… I’ve got the answer for you!

PLUMP up your dried fruit…

( I have never tried mango’s or apples..)


1. Choose liquid
*You can do use just water, rum, vodka, juice, water with honey etc.
2. Choose Fruit
3. Place the fruit in the water and boil for 5 minutes
(I actually have done this for single servings of fruit in the microwave with just water)
4. Boil fruit on stove top/microwave for 5 minutes and let stand.
5. Drain off juice… save it or use it for something yummy

My favorite = Plumped Dried Cherries!!

I put them in my new breakfast (a type of oats) but oh my lordy are they delicious!
With doing this, some of the sugars boil out but they still hold some in and they are wonderful!


The muffins I posted about the other day had plumped blueberries in and they were great! 🙂

I would definitely suggest trying this!
They would be delicious in yogurt, on ice cream, oats and more!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hopefully you all have time to either plump or pump it up! I will do both! 🙂


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