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what i ate on wednesday.

… you’ve got it guys!It is another WIAW and it is looking/tastin’ fine!Sunday breakfast =

Banana/walnut/blueberry bran muffin cut into 4 slices… with peanut butter/nutella swirl and topped with banana!
… AND… a piece of sourdough with an egg and spinach and avocado smeared on it!

My love joined in with me.. but he had his pb/nutella swirl on my homemade sourdough!

**New addition to breakfast = coconut almond milk**

It is very nice mixed with my instant coffee and ice… but I like my creamy vanilla almond milk a little better.This one is VERY coconuty…still nice though!

……..Weekday LunchUnpictured sandwich…
Normally a sourdough english muffin with spinach and ham!…with some wonderful fruits and veggies!

Snacks = Cliff Bar/Luna Bar of some sort! 🙂

(this is one of my favorites…. :))Dinner time has been filled with good eats lately too! Yummy Taco’s Sunday night!
Yes Please! :)We have been having lots of taco’s lately because we bought a bag full of tortillas from costco..!Happy Eats!


3 thoughts on “what i ate on wednesday.

  1. ooohh, yum yum tacos! i want them and your amazing-looking avocados. i just bought a couple and one of them was disgusting when i cut into it. i was so sad…

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