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Last Sunday with Fred

Hey Guys!

Sorry I am a bit late today, as always on sundays but I wanted to tell you about my sunday LAST week before it was too late!

Last sunday we woke up at our friends apartment as we slept over there.. we woke up at about 7:30 and were on the road a little before 8.

We did not really have a plan for the day, so we decided to take a bit of a detour to find a break place… somewhere…along our drive… we were not sure where..

during this time… I pulled out my phone and did a little TON of searching… and then I gave up on that too..

We got off the highway and just starting driving in what looked like a place that might have alot of places to eat and we came up on one that I saw on yelp about 15 minutes before when I was searching…and only positive things were for viewing!

It is called Freds, located in sausalito.

It is a cute little place that had community tables as well as the wrap around counter in front of the grill/prep area.
(When I say community tables, they have a sign on the door saying, if there are chairs open at any table, you may sit there) Kind of a cool idea…kind of…?

The menu was a bit pricey, but since the night before we didnt end up paying for dinner, we went for it.

Keith started off with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice… and I had a soy milk vanilla latte!

Yum to both of them! BUT.. again.. priceeeey… worth it though if you don’t go out to breakfast often…:)

moving on, Keith and I decided to split a sweet item as well as a savory item…

1. Lemon ricotta pancakes (with an unecessary GLOB and a half of butter on top)

2. an avocado/chicken sausage omelent with toast and hash browns! YUMMMMMM! Huge chunks of avocado = delicious and fresh… a bit to much cheese on top for my liking so I peeled half of it off! Still wonderful!

Overall = EXTREMELY happy with our meals and drinks and service! It was really quick and done well! I would 100% recommend this to ANYone who comes out to this area.


After breakfast we decided to take a quick trip into the city on our way back home to see if the disc golf course had a line or not.. in hopes that it didn’t…

well… there was not to start off.. but then there was, but we still got a few holes in and it was a great time!

Then of course we went home to do our chores… 🙂

Hope you guys had as good of a sunday as we did last week! :)… I think mine would be better this week if a certain team was in the super bowl… (packers) cough cough!


2 thoughts on “Last Sunday with Fred

  1. looks like a lovely day my dear!

    also, is that my blue pashmina by chance? i’ve been searching everywhere for it & i cannot find it. sad face…

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