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Hass vs. Bacon

Howdy everyone!

Today is FRiiiiiday!! 🙂
I LOVE my weekends way to much.. so much that I look forward to them every friday…and I mean… on friday, I look forward to the NEXT friday!:)

So, I have a bit of a comparison for today that I just recently learned about…

No.. NOT actual Bacon, but Bacon Avocados! 🙂 Who would have thought right? Yes, they both have fat, but one is DEFINITELY better fat than the other! 🙂

So, I came across these babies when Keith and I were at one of the many farmers markets around here!

and from that point I wanted to do a little research as to what the difference was…

Avocado = aka alligator pear

Hass = Guatemalan variety – tend to me higher in fat

Bacon = Mexican variety – tend to be lower in fat –

Bacon – Bacon is a medium sized fruit with a smooth and a yellowish green skin. Bacon has a light tasting flesh. It is agood pollinator for Hass.

Bacon Description Size Appearance Ripe Characteristics
Bacon  1. Oval-shaped fruit
2. Medium to large seed
3. Easy peeling
4. Light taste
Medium, ranging from 6 to 12 ounces Smooth thin green skin with a yellowish green flesh. Skin remains green, darkens slightly

Fruit undergoes gentle pressure when ripe.

Hass – Hass is the common variety of California Avocado. Hass productions are famous in Southern California regions. The color of its skin changes from green to purplish-black when it is ripe.

Hass Description Size Appearance Ripe Characteristics
Hass Avocado  1. Oval-shaped fruit
2. Small to medium seed
3. Easy peeling
4. Great taste
Full range from average to large, 4 to 13 ounces. Stony, thick but malleable skin.

Pale green flesh with creamy texture.

Skin darkens as it ripens

Fruit undergoes gentle pressure when ripe.

LOTS of detail and the source click ME!


Perhaps you learned something new today! What is your favorite way to utilize an avocado?



5 thoughts on “Hass vs. Bacon

  1. hmmmm that’s definitely new to me! i just bought 12 avacados at copps.. they were VERY on sale. looks like i will be eating lots of salads, tacos and guacamole this week!!

  2. It must be sale week for avacados, on my grocery list because they are on sale. I love them in my salad, makes a salad more filling.

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