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Sunday Sevens!

A bit LATE, because sunday is nearing the end,

I LOVE Sunday Sevens, So here I am!!

1. The weekend started off GREAT because I borrowed the fabulous camera from the school I work at again! πŸ™‚ These are such complicated pieces of equipment. I give photographers so much more credit now than I ever did… it is no joke! It is definitely an art that you have to work on over and over again to perfect it! I still would LOVE to partake in learning such a great skill! This was me at work while we are playing with my camera!!

So.. I think I stated this before… I am slowly saving up for a beautiful camera but I am not sure which one! Any body have any input? I am borrowing a song right now and enjoy it.

2. Moving along through the weekend I woke up and went on my merry little way to the gym! I had my swim suit on and everything and I got there… and… the pool was FULL! It was such a bummer as I did not want to waste time so I got out of my swim suit and in to my running attire and hopped on the tread mill for a quick 2 miler before zumba and body pump!
Any one else have the same issue with the pool at the gym? It is always full and I feel like I have to get there extremely early. I had a quick little workout planned our 14 laps of the front crawl/breast stroke combo. πŸ™‚

3. After the workout, Keith and packed up supplies for our journey up to the Rohnert Park/Santa Rose/Ukiah area to hang out with some friends… T Lee & Stacey, Tina & Tyler, and Erin and Gojk (sounds like Goik) We actually packed up for a sleepover! When was the last time you packed for a sleepover at a friends house? lol..

Sleeping bags, pillows, bathroom supplies and p.j’s! πŸ™‚ All Set!

4. When we arrived in the Santa Rosa area, I was DRAGGING you know what… soo fatigued from my workout so Keith ,Gojk and I went to Starbucks! I got a new drink WITHOUT milk! I think my stomach is not liking dairy/to much dairy to be specific lately.

About a week ago I went to Starbucks and got a skinny mocha and my stomach basically felt like it BLEW UP… this had been happening even with a lot of yogurt/cottage cheese etc. so I am really cutting back on the dairy to see if I feel less bloated… (my stomach is always goofy/sensitive..more to come one day about this topic)…

BUT… I got a lovely skinny soy milk mocha and it was DELIGHTFUL! I felt SUPER energized after this and was ready for the night ahead!

5. On our way OUT of starbucks, I got to see one of my BIGGEST pet peeves EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!
That is all that I am going to say as I don’t want to pick on people for this, but really? You can’t just put it back?

6. Any thoughts on this? I am BORED with my hair.. and think I am supposed to big 50% african american! I have a solid ghetto booty and I want big hair? I am a bit scared because I DON”T want super tight curls! EEK!
Check it out Here if you are curious! πŸ™‚

I would LOVE to hear what you think?

7. Oh yes, Friday night also looked a little like this… i felt a bit of a cold coming on.. so I took some thera-flu, emergen-c… a cough drop… and some dessert.. πŸ™‚ A little to much dessert, but I could not resist! πŸ™‚

Yes, those are pastry cream and chocolate filled croissants! I Enjoyed the Cream filled one and the plain one with nutella… I am telling you, I went to TOWN.. keith enjoyed the chocolate one! after this… I went to bed… LAME LAME friday night for a youngster! πŸ™‚ I am feeling A LOT better though so I think the medicine, sleep and dessert did the trick because I felt great saturday morning! πŸ™‚

Hope EVERYONE had a great weekend! Let me know about any feedback about the camera, hair or anything else that I chatted about! The week ahead looks great and hope yours does too!



One thought on “Sunday Sevens!

  1. your sleepover sounds like a lot of fun! was your friend surprised to see you?

    did you make those croissants at school?

    i’m glad you’re feeling better!

    (i think you should taylor swift your hair like you said you might…)

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