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Dairy vs. Sunny

… you may be confused as to where I am going with this post…
I will tell you!

Since I am from (born and raised until about a year ago) The Good ol’ Dairy Land State…
and now I currently reside in
The Sunny California! (mainly referring to N. CA)

so.. whats the difference…
I will tell you how I feel about each state…
these are ALLL my opinions etc…

Here Goes….

To start off… Let’s talk Gyms
California = SOOO many options and some really great ones.. 24 hour fitness especially..
We have anytime, golds, snap, crossfit etc in my state… but there still isn’t a 24 hour fitness..

Wisconsin = ALOT of ymcas, golds, anytime etc. I DO love the YMCA but 24 hour fitness definitely takes this with the win… although body pump has made its way to the WI and that is a plus! πŸ™‚

**I always look for classes, a pool, lots of cardio equipment and a great variety of “personal training” tools…kettle balls, bosu, free weights etc.



California = Food is higher.. gas is higher… taxes are higher…
EVERYTHING is higher to a certain extent…
rent = GAG ME…
vehicle registration…bridge tolls…
I could go on and on…. I will just say…IT BLOWS! πŸ™‚

Wisconsin = CHEAPER
… you get this point too… πŸ™‚



sometimes I wonder if I even need that many…
Keith and I don’t go out to eat that much..although we do LOVE trying new places..
They are EVERYWHERE.. especially the BIG cities.. but even the smaller ones have quite the variety!

one word… ENDLESS!

Wisconsin = Depends on the city you are near..
They are widely dispersed…
Madison = LOTS of great choices
Milwaukee = Lots of options..
Big Cities = Better choices..


To Do’s…

California = again.. ALWAYS ..
*free concerts
*food fairs
*touristy things
*outdoorsy things
*little shops

Wisconsin =
We have ALL of this.. no mountains..
But.. just a little less… and you have to work a bit harder/travel a bit more to find them!
FIREPITS! California has weird rules about fire pits..
That is one thing I miss sooo much!



California = The Death of me!!
It is every where..I am luck that I don’t have to much of a commute.. but when I hit traffic..
I hate it..
When the drive is 15 minutes… it should be because of the distance.. not the traffic!


Wisconsin= Here and there!
It can be in some bigger cities.. but only at high commute times!
When the drive time says 20 minutes.. it is usually because of the mileage.. NOT the rows and rows of cars just sitting…..


Homeless people…

hmm…. california.. so many.. dirty.. creepy…
It is going to take me a WHILE to get used to this…

Wisconsin = Weather patterns do not allow this…
…maybe in the summer there is one.. but during the winter they flock to the south…
lol… ok.. that was a joke for me! πŸ™‚



California = TONS
AMAZING grocery stores.
MARKETS everywhere…
Little Shops..
Nick Nack shops..
Candy Stores…
..you name it.. its here!

Wisconsin =
Great grocery stores too.. just widely spread throughout…
Markets… here and there… although… AMAZING market in Madison!
…Lots of everything.. just scattered throughout an less of them….
..again.. you have to travel a bit…unless you live in the bigger city.


… Not just another number…

California = SOO over populated
= just another girl in the market
= just another person on the phone
=just another customer

… there are definitely great people… but the pace is so fast and alot of times.. that is the vibe..
..hit or miss…

Wisconsin = Midwest hospitality!
..what you hear is true..
..people care…
…they have the time…

…but.. you can meet some people who treat you like poo too…

Overall though …WI wins..


Land Scape/Weather

California =
Slightly Seasonal..
Rainy Season..
Lots of different Growth..trees..plants.. etc.
NO SNOW..(minus in the mountains)
LOTS of sun!!

Wisconsin =
Flat Land
Hills here and there..
ALL seasons
Snow = long winters sometimes..hard to drive in..

Few… and that is that everyone!

oh.. did I mention..Wisconsin also has this…
My friends and Family!

CA = Definitely has my LOVE..
and his family..
and some friends here and there..(lots of Keith’s friends)

…this is one thing I really want right now.. is a super close friend here..
but they are sooo hard to make as you get older!
I do have one.. but she lives in the east bay. 😦

I hope you enjoyed my CA vs. WI post! πŸ™‚
…p.s… I am happy though..enjoying a new journey in my life..
I dont think I would mind ending back in the midwest…
time will tell.


Do you find it difficult making close friends when you get older?
I’m talking super close…coffee date last minute they will be there kind of friend.. tell anything kind of friend?


6 thoughts on “Dairy vs. Sunny

  1. it’s really hard to make new friends now that i’m out of college. but liz, there are lots of bloggers in cali. the madison bloggers are my first non-grad-school-adult friends & i love hanging out with them! find other norcal bloggers and make friends that way!

  2. Liz, you will meet some people that you will trust enough to allow them to be good friends. I would have to say I have 6 friends; Jamie and my sisters, and of course you and Sar, people who I can truly trust.

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