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T, T you got yo T, you got yo T!

…because it is Tuesday Everyone!!

Since it is tuesday.. I want to share with you a taco recipe that Keith and I made the other night for dinner… sunday night to be exact!
Now… this is not your traditional taco.. this has a little spin to it…
It has a creamy avocad0/lime/yogurt coleslaw added on to the grilled chicken!

… and did I mention it is SIMPLE!!

… close your eyes and pretend you can smell this deliciousness!
And… we cooked the chicken until it got a yummy crispiness to it too!!

To get the whole recipe… click Here!

I promise you won’t regret this one!


on another note… (no pun intended)
There is a little tune that curretnly PUMPS me up.. it is from a class I used to go to U-Jam… and now it is in Zumba… and well.. it is on the radio now too!

To get my workout started each day, this is the song I pull up and listen too!
What do you think?

you know you want to get up and dance ! 🙂

Click me to hear!! 

Cheers for ta ta tuesday!!

What song motivates you lately? or… just makes you want to wiggle!


3 thoughts on “T, T you got yo T, you got yo T!

  1. A A you for your A you got your A.. you got your B B you got your B you got your B… you got your C C you got your C you got your C… mwhahaha : )

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