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…. Change of Pace Post!!

Hey Everyone!!!
Today, is a NEW day at LizzysLivelyLiving! 🙂

Because… I have a guest post..
From the one and only..


He is going to talk to you about WHATEVER his little heart desires because my brain was Shut Down last night and he said he would! 🙂
.. If you are ready, so am I…

Well…this is “My LOVE”. I also go by Keith, but don’t tell Liz!

I figured this would be a great platform to share a couple thoughts I had, so here it goes…

After finding out that I’d be writing a blog entry for Liz, I soon realized that I had no idea what to talk about. That quickly changed, and I decided to share three things that have recently put a smile on my face. In no particular order….

1) Knowing that my girlfriend is learning to bake every known bread type on earth…or at least it seems like it! With Liz currently enrolled in Culinary School, I’ve seen her come home with some amazing looking treats. She runs a pretty busy schedule everyday between class, working out and work, and I hope she knows how much I look forward to hearing about her culinary adventures. Let me put it this way; the way to a mans heart is ABSOLUTELY through his stomach. That’s smile #1

2) My parents getting Smart Phones. It was a long time coming, but they are both proud owners now. I look back and laugh at all the times they said, “I don’t need internet on my phone. All I need is to be able to call people”. Part of me actually agree’s with them; we don’t NEED internet on our phones. But who am I kidding…Smart Phones are AMAZING! Bring on the App’s baby! This is smile #2

3) Guys flexing their pecks, and girls checking out their butt in the mirror at the gym. If you’ve ever been standing next to someone blocking the 25lbs dumb bells b/c they can’t stop checking themselves out, then you know why I’m smiling. Sometimes I think mirrors in the weight room weren’t the best idea. With that said though, “Power to the Hot Body”…it gives me something to smile about right? =) And that’s smile #3

Wishing you all a wonderful day! And many smiles of your own!

Keith…aka “My Love”


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