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a quickie! :)

a quick workout guys! 🙂

So, I haven’t talked much about it yet but I am in the process of choosing a half to do.
I feel very confident in running one tomorrow as I do run daily…varying my runs too! (Long run mondays, intervals, shorter runs etc)

…. and I came across this run posted on CNC… 🙂

She called it Ten Short Intervals…  and it was great!

I often do alot of interesting workouts like this and just don’t post them! I really enjoy adding hill training into my workout as well… but any ways…

I tackled this workout doing it VERY similar to hers!

Warmup – 4.5 walk for 2 minutes
.15 miles at 9.0
.15 miles at 3.8
.15 miles at 9.1
.15 miles at 3.9
.15 miles at 9.2
.15 miles at  4.0

…. and so on until I hit 9.5 and then I just kept it there!
It is funny how fast the .15 miles goes when you are doing it that fast!
I did this for 30 minutes!

If you have 30 minutes at the gym and want some hard cardio.. I would definitely suggest this! 🙂

Next time.. I am going to rotate 10 pushups after each walking .15 miles! 🙂

Happy Monday Friends..
I hope this motivates you to get to the gym on this monday…or perhaps a GREAT monday if you have the day off! 🙂


What workout do you enjoy doing when you have a only a half hour at the gym?


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