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..School update..

Hey Guys,

Well… if you read my post yeterday, you will have learned that I went back to school today after a 3 week break that was WONDERFUL! 🙂 .. but breaks always mondays even more challenging than “regular” mondays!

So, Since I am starting school again, I want to take you through a run through of my syllabus and what I will be learning this over the next 6 weeks…:)… LOTS of BREAD!!! 🙂

Sequence of Breads that we are going to be working with/making over the next 6 weeks!

Basic Baguette
Pan Loaves
Epis and round rolls
Pita Bread
Bread shaped as Boules
Artisal Style
Flat Bread
Rye Bread
Puff Pastry
Danish Dough
Pizza Dough

FEW!! Who’s in for some recipes and demos coming soon?
Wish me luck, I am not a pro at breads yet but hopefully after this I will be! 🙂

Cheers to it being tuesday and tomorrow being WIAW!! 🙂


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