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Pulled Pork for your fork! :)

Hey guys,

Thanks to the lovely pinterest.com…
I came across MANY great recipes including this fabulous pulled pork recipe!!

It was SUPER easy too!
I was able to mix up the sauce and chop the onions the night before..

So in the morning, I could literally put the meat and the sauce in the crock pot!
This is NOT a traditional bbq sauce pulled pork, but that doesn’t matter because …

…this recipe is Legit! 🙂

When it was done cooking for about 8 hours on low,
…we pulled it apart with a fork… then at it with a fork… on english muffins!


The cool thing is, this recipe has alot of basic ingredients that are usually in the pantry/fridge!

For the FULL recipe… Click here! 🙂

p.s.. did I mention that it is Hawaiian pulled pork? When you take a bite and close your eyes, you can almost feel as if you are in Hawaii… ok.. well maybe not but it is a nice thought !:)


How do you feel about pulled pork? Pork in general?

I LOVE pulled pork.. not to thick of a sauce because I like the meat… I can’t eat bacon .. it gives me heart burn!



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