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….great holiday gifts for a party!

This week is already going to fast!
SLOOOWWW down please!!

So, I wanted to let you guys know a few gifts that Keith and I brought to his boss’s Christmas party!


I think it is great when you can combine a gift/treat together so you dont have to bring two things like… a cheese platter AND a gift…
so… Keith and I decided to make 2 different items!


I know that puppy chow is NOT a complicated item to make, BUT…with the perfect measurements of the ingredients.. you can get the perfect puppy chow… and THIS my friends is the recipe!

.. pens and paper ready?

In case the glare gets in the way…
1 stick of butter (1/2 c.)
1 c. peanut butter
12 0z. Chocolate (chips or any other type) Semisweet —> melt top 3 together
Box of CHOCOLATE chex!
Powder Sugar (1-2 cups)

1. Have your chex ready to dumb into chocolate mixture!

3. Dump some powdered sugar on the bottom of the bag BEFORE you dump the chocolate coated chex into bag!

4. Have a space on your table cleared off with a ripped open paper bag ready to dump your final product!

Try this recipe and tell me how it is? I think it will be BETTER than others! 🙂

Who doesn’t want to give/receive this beautiful item!?


The OTHER item that we made was Holiday Grogg!!
We got the idea from the lovely blog The Green Kitchen Stories! 

I DONT drink very much.. especially if I can taste alcohol in it..
THIS was very good!
I would recommend trying this if you are having a holiday party.. or want to give it was a gift!
Yum yum yum!

Happy Holidays!
I hope everyone is able to make a home made gift this year!
That is really all Keith and I are doing this year and it is really rewarding!



3 thoughts on “….great holiday gifts for a party!

  1. nice work dearie! i didn’t have chocolate chex for my puppy chow this year and it definitely isn’t as good. sad.

    and i love that picture of keith! it just hit me that we won’t see him for christmas this year. sad face.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you’re sharing your puppy chow recipe with all of blog-land!! I’m super pumped to try it… But not until after my Christmas sugar buzz wears off… 😉

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