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my travels and arrival!

Hi guys!
Well…. I made it back to the good ol’ state of WI last night!

My Mom, Aunt Patty and Cousin Noach came to pick me up at the airport. It was great to see all of them and was just great to be DONE traveling because it is such a long day! Yesterday, Keith and I made a yummy grits, turkey kielbasa and egg mixture for breakfast with a delightful fruit salad (pomegranate seeds, orange, apple and pineapple) YUM! This filled me up plenty for my day of travel.. so I just packed a quart of an orange and a cliff bar for the trip….

and of course my book that I did make progress in during the flight! It is getting pretty good… and I am pretty proud of myself! 🙂

… So.

I made it to the airport and we took a little detour to Trader Joes on the way home. We don’t have a trader joes in my hometown or ANYWHERE near it either so we stopped….
My mom got a few different items and I chose some items that I will eat during the week… bananas, apples, seaweed snacks, almond milk etc…. and I was STARVING so I got a container of sushi. It was  tasty but when you have had really GOOOOD sushi, this kind is always just ok… but it was still satisfying!

I got home to find the dogs awaiting my arrival… and my Sunny Bunny too! 🙂 Jamie also had a great big hug for me! 🙂 Love it!
The house looks beautiful.. my Mom does a GREAT job every year… pictures to come…


This morning it was off to the good ol’ YMCA. I ran into some great people there and now I am at my Cousins Lovely coffe shop drinking some tea and doing some work!

Have you tried this tea? It was pretty good.. but something about ginger just always reminds me of sushi… so it is kind of weird!

What kind of tea do you like?

I have been doing a lot of holiday tea lately! 🙂

I love being home…



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