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Sunday Sevens and I’m feeling fine!

Howdy Friends,
I am patiently awaiting at the airport to fly back home and wanted to get rolling on my Sunday 7’s for you! 🙂

1. Airports! I never know what to expect at airports when I arrive… crazy long lines.. missed flights… really quiet… really foreign security line people.. lol… Overly expensive EVERYTHING… including my 55 cent hot water….

I wanted to drink a theraflu before I got on the flight so I waited in line for some water. They said, yes, you may but it is 55 cents! I had 54 cents… this is bad of me.. I handed it to her and she just tossed it in the drawer and said thanks. So I did NOT feel bad at all because I know that that water did not cost them a penny! Blah… but all is going well.. my flight is on time and I ALSO had to check my luggage… it was 2 inches to tall to be a carry on… I expected this so I was not to upset.

While checking in the lady asked me if I wanted a window seat or aisle! I grabbed that aisle seat immediately. I really like aisle seats when I fly during the day, but if it is a red eye, I get the window so I can snuggle up with the cold wall of the plane.

The worst part of airports is that I am always saying good bye to someone that I love. L Even this morning I had a little tear in my eye saying good bye to my love…L IT stinks always leaving someone. Oh well.. sob story over… NOW!…

p.s… I have a hard time watching people making bad food choices in the airport… the girl next to me had 3 bags of chips and she ate them all within 20 minutes.. now.. I really DONT like judging.. but this was just interesting. I secretly snapped this shot. She was eating cool ranch doritos during the pic!

2.  Keith and I attended my Work Christmas Party Thursday night! The party was beautiful, appetizers, wine, shots, desserts, buffet with a man carving yummy meat at the end… and a photo booth. I don’t have a single picture EXCEPT the photo booth phots because I was not feeling hot at all…. I looked hot… but I was getting a sore throat and just felt rough. We left at about 9 oclock because I had to get up at go to class the next day. It was still a great time and Keith got to meat some of my other teachers that I work with. Over all it was nice.. would have been better if I was feeling better and I did not have class the next day.

3. MORE to do with Christmas… Keith and I went to his families neighbors Christmas Party last night. It is actually Keith’s Boss too… but went bearing a few treats to share too. I made puppy chow… in a cute little package.. and we also made Grogg. More to come on BOTH of those lovely little items!

4. Remember me telling you about my date I took my love on for his christmas gift? Well.. I wanted to show you the card that I made for him too! I made it at school while the kids also made cards etc. for their family. 🙂

5. Early Christmas gift from Keith that he gave me this morning! REALLY unexpected!

6. I bought a brand new v-neck t… for 3 dolla! 🙂

…. so.. it is atually going to be Sunday 6’s because I have to board the plane!

Happy Sunday!

How do you feel about airports? Food? Prices? People?




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