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Tommy’s Joynt

Hey Everyone!
So, in my Sunday 7’s.. I talked about the date I took my love on!

I did NOT tell you much about the place that we went to eat … well.. its time!!

This place is AMAZING… you really have to be a meat eater to eat here… well.. you could have a swiss cheese sandwich.. and there ARE a few other options.. but there is ALOT of meat being sliced right in front of your face! 🙂

ANNND… Diners Drive ins and Dives also visited this place! Well worth it!

Another cool thing about the restaurant is that they have a bucket of pickles at the end and they are sooo good! I got home and guzzled a gallon of water because I took in sooo much salt!

Click HERE to visit the website!!


“While the City has been changing year after year, we remain steadfast in our opposition to change. We want things to remain the same because our founders established a reputation in San Francisco; a reputation that promises hot food and cold drink at a price that parries our atmosphere. Our atmosphere is like our food, no frills. Want lettuce on your sandwich? Better go to some fast-food shop because we actually want you to taste the meat we carve in front of your eyes. Want a fork to eat those lamb shanks with? Better get up and go get one by the cashier. Want green beans instead of mashed potatoes? Well, you better speak up because we move fast, so we can serve the people fast.”

Keith and I have been there 3 times over the past few years now and I got the same thing! AMAZING (best swiss cheese I have ever eaten) and Ham on a sourdough roll. 🙂 With pickles x a million!

Keith ordered the corned beef with veggies a roll and baked beans! 🙂 YUMMMM!

*When my sister and Brad come visit me.. we will FOR SURE go here.. I can already picture Brad! LOVING IT!

 If you ever make it to the city.. this is DEFINITELY worth your time and money… it is also extremely reasonable! Our bill was $17.81.. which was perfect because I had $18.00… and they only take cash!
Have you ever been to a Diners Drive ins and Dives place? 
This is my 2nd one! Another one was also in the city called Joes Cable Car… also worth a stop!



3 thoughts on “Tommy’s Joynt

  1. oh yay! i can’t wait to try that place out with you guys! 🙂 liz. keep your eyes open for cheap flights for a weekend and brad and i will definitely come out there! it’s pretty easy for both of us to get off of work now!

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