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..typically weekly workout…

Hey guys,
So I know I dont post much about my workouts, but I really could.
I USUALLY give myself one day of rest… typically it is more of an active recovery day because I never just really lay around on my days off. I am still busy and active and may go swimming or something lighter on my body. A good long stretch is always what I do on these days off too.

This past week was a little different… I was REALLY fatigued on thursday night after my typical day
4:50 am = up and at em!
5:25 = out the door
6:00 = Class starts
9:15-10ish = class ends
10ish-10:30 ish = hit the gym
12ish = find my way home (errand or two)
1ish = on my way to work
6:30ish = on my way home…
7:00 = dinner..blog…get ready for the next day… FEW!

So.. when it came to be friday, my body was really telling me to take my day off today.. no no no.. i did not want to.. but I was smart and I did. I came home and cleaned and busted around… and my body thanked me. I put bio-freeze on everything and just let it work. I was contemplating to workout sunday then because I took my day off friday… I said that I deserve my sunday off too. I want to be healthy to do a full week of workouts over my vacation at home so I thought it would be best.

I can-NOT think of the last time that I had 2 days off in a week! NUTS!

This is my basic workout plan for the weeks…

Monday – HARD CARDIO DAY – (Usually Long run – 6-8 miles…followed by precor) – abs, pushups, lunges in between machines 1hr 45. min
Tuesday – ”       ”
Wednesday – Body Pump 1 hour – Half day of cardio – SUPER HARD (1 hour)
Thursday – Hard Intervals (1 hr. 45 min) – Body Pump at night (1 hr.)
Friday – pushups, abs, lunges, weight training on stepper, intervals, hills, (1 hr. 45 min)
Saturday – 1 hour cardio (+/- 15 min) This saturday I did a 25 minute run and zumba… then body pump!

Few! That was alot of talking!

My hopes for everyone = stay motivated…especially around this time of year with so may temptations to stay snuggled up and to eat yummy treats! 🙂 ModeratioN!


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