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THIS, you will NOT regret!

I am 100% serious!
This recipe is the real deal and made my day!!:)

I followed the recipe pretty much to a T… but a few tiny tine adjustments!:)

I used 1/2 chicken stock and 1/2 milk instead of 1 cup of water.:)
I also seared the meat with EVOO and a dash of wine in a pan BEFORE i put it in the crockpot.

Those are my changes…
You can also use plain yogurt instead of sour cream.. but I only had honey greek yogurt on hand, so sour cream it was. OMG… this recipe is worth it!:)
This is a really comfort dish.. minus the extra comfort around the waist line..:)

I also used a different noodle than egg noodles because they were cheaper!:) and whole wheat!:)

**If you are used to this being thick and creamy, this recipe is not but don’t let it turn you off!:)


Are you a stroganoff fan? All beef? Mushrooms? 

I LOOOVE all of it! Mushrooms are TOP in my book.

2 thoughts on “THIS, you will NOT regret!

  1. mmm, it’s been a while since i had stroganoff! but of course i looooooooveeee mushrooms so i’m sure i’d like this! maybe i’ll try it soon.:)

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