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Friday Values

Hey Friends,

I Haven’t done friday values in a while.. so I am just going to leave you with words!

1. Countdowns – Having something BIG to look forward to is always good. I look forward to every day and what it brings, but the SUPER DUPER special things to look forward to are a little more exciting. I am going home for Christmas and a week or so before and I can’t wait to see my family, although I will miss my love.

2. School – I am 100% happy with my decision to go to culinary school as I am getting exposed to alot more than I was in my little kitchen, although I did alot this opens sooo many more doors! 🙂 I am having lots of fun and I LOVE giving my treats away and hearing input from them… always good! 🙂

3. Weekends! As always I just LOVE them and what they have to bring. A slower pace is always welcome because the weeks are CRAAZY! Waking up when my body tells me is the BEST!

4. Potlucks! I love potlucks and have a few this summer but none since… until this weekend! We are having a potluck at our apartment tomorrow night with 5 random couples that don’t know each other! We are just friends with all of them so I am looking forward to it! Games, food and friends! 🙂

5. I am valuing “Taking a step back and looking at life” because that is what keeps me calm. I look at everything I am doing right now and everything is something I love…. minus being away from my family. When I get stressed I have to remind myself that I have a fun life going right now. 🙂 Look at what some people don’t have can make you appreciate what you have.
Keith and I had a discussion the other night. I was talking about how much I have to do.. but everything that I have to do are all choices that I made to do.
Example… blog – My choice.
Bake – My choice
Make yummy dinners – my choice
Volunteer this weekend – my choice
DIY art – my choice
Pay my cell phone bill – My choice to have a cell
Clean EVERY weekend – My choice

….You see where this is going…

I love values. 🙂 What are you valuing on this ALMOST holiday weekend! (next weekend is a holiday weekend )
So really appreciate everything that you “HAVE” to do… aka…”Choose”


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