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…Wheat is turned into Flour…:)

Time to LEARN everybody!!
Become a bit more intelligent in the kitchen!! 🙂
This past week we started off by discussing the…

2 classifications of Wheat

1. Soft – because of the kernal
– Lower in protein/glutens
-Cake and Pastry Flour are made of soft wheat
-MUST typically sift these flours! 🙂

2. Hard – because of the kernal
– Higher in Protein/Gluten
-Bread and High Gluten Flour
-Do not have to sift

**All Purpose Flour = Combo of both soft and hard wheat!


Basics of Wheat

= Gives us Patent Flours
=Patent flours = highest grade flours

Patent Flours 

Low to High % Flour Type Protein %
Lowest Cake Flour 8%
Pastry Flour 9%
Medium All Purpose Flour 10-11%
Bread Flour 11%
High High Gluten Flour 14%

*Lower protein = higher starch –> flour has a silkier texture


Bleached Vs. Unbleached

Bleached = Chlorinated
= Chemically bleached

Unbleached = More expensive
= Naturally bleaches over time

***There is no difference in your end product***

Few! That was alot but I hope you learned just as much as I did!!
I shall return … saturday with all my recipes and results from my baking for the week! 🙂

Tomorrow is Friiday Fridday! 🙂

Did you learn anything from my post? Do you find these posts helpful to you in your baking? 

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