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“Squish Squash I was eatin’ some soup…

….long about a Sunday night!”

OMG..I made some amazing soup for dinner this Sunday…and amazing fish…and some crescent rolls! Mmm…
P.s. yummy is the name of the game today!

Join me on a tour de plate….

1st up – cute little crescent rolls with parmesan sprinkles and garlic salt. So about these…I NEVER usually buy stuff like this..but they were a great price and nice to have for a last minute side…and they r ok in moderation…aka…1! 🙂 they where light and yummy and went well with the meal!

2nd up – swai fish! Another

yum…it is a very light flavored fish and is also very versatile. Baked these babies at 425 for about 16 minutes! Keith and I really wanted fish this week so we bought them from the seafood department and safeway….light..flaky…sooo yummy!

Last but defintely NOT least…my butternut squash sweet potato soup!



Here is a little bit of what was happening in my kitchen…

…cookin’ up a small onion chopped..(doesn’t really matter what size because you puree it)

add the ginger.. ( I used the actual spice.. 1 tsp)

Then Add the butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and regular potato ( all peeled and cubed) and chicken stock…..(I use reduced sodium so I can control the salt content a bit)

… simma simma for about 45 minutes… till chunks are fork tender…
Add salt to taste…
Bada Bing- Bada Boom

SUPER healthy for you too!!! (It was our veggie for our meal)
This recipe is definitely making it to a recipe card for my box!


P.s…PLEASE bare with me…our camera apparently had a rough night Saturday night and is out of comission and our dead..so my phone will have to work for now.

Have you ever made this type of soup? What did you do differently? Anything I can add?


3 thoughts on ““Squish Squash I was eatin’ some soup…

  1. OH NO! 😦 your camera died?!? that stinks babay! want me to send you that one that i won? or are you getting yours fixed?

    this soup looks delish & i am printing out the recipe – i have all of those ingredients & i didn’t know what i was going to make for dinner tonight until now! 🙂

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