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Friday values….Value fridays?

Yes…today is the day for values…but I also value friday!

1.like I said..im really valuing friday! It is such a great time because that means I have two days to pause the craziness of my week and slow it down. Although some weekends are busy..it is allll by choice. Thanks to the weekend too, keith is able to put work aside…mostly…for 2 days. He works soooooo hard during the week and we really appreciate the weekend. :o)

2. Pinterest! Write this down and look it up if you haven’t yet… http://www.pinterest.com … best website ever! Create your own boards and pin amazing ideas, thoughts, recipes etc. This website is awesome and I have so many fun recipes to make and diy art projects…especially for the holidays!:o)

3. As always…phone conversations! I look forward to my phone conversations with my mama, sista, both of my kellys…and the rest of my fam and friends! Thank you technology for this!

4. Weights! Weight lifting with some hard cardio is the best. I love feeling strong and toned! I want more! Weight lifting is sooo motivating. I love high reps with lower weight…feel the burn.

5. My love. I love him and he is my best friend. . . :o)

And like I always end this post…I value life…it is short and you need to slow it down and embrace it instead of stress about it. Happy weekend! Celebrate your wonderful life this weekend!


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