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Thurs-days the charm!

Get it?

…like third time is the charm…
thursdays in 3s…

Anyway… maybe there was nothing to “Get” there.. lol..
I have 3 things for you this wonderful Thursday….p.s.. TOMORROW is FRIDAY!!

1. The chicken recipe I cooked up for dinner the other night! A few tips I learned from chef george…always always sear big piece of meat in a pan before you slow cook it…like I did here! I also added about 1/4 cup of white wine to the bottom of the crockpot with cut up onion chunks.
Here is the full recipe with rub etc….. this is the where the chicken came from on WIAW!

Get a good crust on the skin!  🙂

2. It is time for pumpkins, pear tarts, spookiness…you get the idea.
This Sunday keith and I carved pumpkins…and here are the final results!


We were all set up! Keith had to run to the store to get the special tools to carve these babies!


drum roll pleeeeeeease…….


Guess which one was mine?? Not really a hard question huh!! Yay for my home state! 🙂

3. Also…need to change up your workout? Add some small weight lifting during your workout. To my 1/2 stepper workout I took these little weights and varied my workout by minute. Every other minute…shoulders…skip steps…shoulder press…triceps…bicep curls..chest press…etc…it really gets the heart rate up and most definitely burns more cals!…do it on the tredmill..precor etc…



P.s…I NEED a last minute costume idea….help! did I mention i needed HELP! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thurs-days the charm!

  1. i still think you should do the sundrop girl – that was a good idea!

    also, love your pumpkins! we still haven’t carved ours…not sure if we’ll get to that…

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