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For real!
thank goodness it is the weekend!
This week was really long and I love weekends!

This Saturday looks good…and full!
9:00 Pump in the east bay…Keith is helping his parents with a project in the east bay where they love.
10:00 Cardio after pump…
11ish Maybe swing by the farmers market….
12:00ish Help out with the cement project/shower

1:00 is when I have a date with my closest friend ms. B “Hillary” now she is Mrs. Marine because she got married this summer…but I met her as ms.b..so that’s what I call her!

When I used to live in the east bay we would have lunch dates at a place called la boulange. It is a little cafe in danville and it is really cute….more to come!

After the date…which usually lasts 3 hours…I want to go to a grocery store/market called sprouts! I blogged about it a month or so ago..check it out… HERE… and HERE for the store.

After all this I will be bringing some homework with me to work on and then Keith wants to stay and eat dinner with his folks! 🙂

So..from there…the day is done!

How does your Saturday look? Or even Sunday?


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