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To many recipes and only one can of pumpkin..

Howdy everyone!
As I said yesterday…my love came home Tuesday night after being in texas for a few days.

During those few days…
I really missed him…
Wished that I had more friends here…
Realized how much of our “down time” we spend together…
Missed my family/friends back home…
Noticed that I have always had a dog in the house..so even when I was alone..I wasn’t and had someone to talk to…
But…I survived!
I was super busy..even at home…projects done..workouts done..apartment clean…p.b made….

but I realized I always want to have someone to talk to even if I need to talk…even just saying good morning to a pet… 🙂

Any ways…..

When I got home from work Tuesday night…I wanted to make keith a welcome home treat! I really wanted to make that pumpkin pull apart bread…but it is a time consuming recipe that will be perfect for the weekend….

Uniform on…

So..I found a pumpkin scone recipe…starbucks scone to be exact!

Starbucks scone recipe…take 1…

First I mixed all the dry ingredients…

Then cut in the butter….

Mix Wet ingredients with dry…

Then formed into little scones…

Pop in oven…

12 minutes later….tada!

Super good! I didnt put the icing on because keith likes things without frostings..icings etc…. :o)

For the full recipe…click ME!

Keith loved them and did indulge in one when he got home at 10:30 at night! Oh to be a male, 6’3 with the metabolism of a 3 year old! 🙂

Anyways, quick and easy recipe! Try it and you will never regret it… and you will save money if you buy these at starbucks! 🙂 


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