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…not to many good eats

Hey everyone..
I really did not eat anything special over the past few days..
really.. I didn’t…
Nothing you haven’t seen before…

Lame.. I know…

so.. instead…

Keith left saturday for a conference.. and he left me a note…
I do love him…(obviously… i moved across the country AGAIN for him)

a little closer look… this was under my pillow saturday night..

Little Bits is my nickname… my dad and grandpa used to call me that.. so I told Keith that since he is such an important male figure in my life.. that he can call me it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you had a great WIAW!

Speaking of love…

I love my family sooo much and really miss them! Anybody have a huge family far away? Did you eventually move back?


8 thoughts on “…not to many good eats

  1. i miss you too my dear! i’m glad that boy of yours loves you so much though. that’s the only reason i’m letting you live so far away right now! โค

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