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WIAW – Days combined!

Howdy everyone!!

Yes, what you see is what you get!

WIAW… except today I am doing it a little differently!
I have all sorts of meals that I took pictures of throughout the past week
but didn’t post… and considering on the weekend is usally the only time when
my breakfast/lunch changes…

These are all random meals throughout the past week!!
BUT… it is.. WHAT I ATE!


Sunday breakfast =
AMAZING bisquick and flax with almond milk..
sweet apple yummy goodness..
with honey,cinnamon yogurt dip!

His and Hers!

(this holds us over till dinner.. btw! 🙂 )

oh yeah… SOOOO good!!

Looked like this at one point this past week… YUM!
Quick and Easy!


something from this snack pack…

And.. Perhaps some tea after dinna…


Happy WIAW… or whatever day! 🙂


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