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Weekend (Saturday) Recap


Weekend Recap looks like this….

Saturday = Cardio with Body Pump!
Release of Pump 78!!
Great workout!!

….Off to Fleet Week after our workout!!!

….first a ride on this…

…. then a ride on muni…

then we made it to the show!

We made it just in time for the Blue Angels and the intro.. but…
We saw Big Bertha too!!!

Check it out here!!

… the only thing was that by the time we made it into the city, we only saw 1 hour of the show!
The public transportation got the best of us yesterday!
lol… it took forever!!

(Nutshell and GO! – Thought Cal train left at 12:10…
Busted after the gym – ate, showered, ran ran ran!
Missed train.. lame.. waited for 45 minutes for the next one!!
Took Muni to our location for Fleet week!

Great Fleet Week! Intense tricks and crazy sounds!!

THEN…. down to the wharf we went!
We haven’t went down here for a LONG time….

We shared this…

.. Me so Happy…


If you ever go down by the Wharf in the city.. go to these little vendors behind me!

Cheap and the BEST!! (Specifically Nicks)

then… Keith wanted to get one of his second loves!!

A caramel apple that we split!
(No pics… :(…)
We devoured it! When you treat yourself only so often you inhale! 🙂


AND we visited one of my favorite bakeries…


BOUDIN!! Yay for it! Sourdough is the BOMB diggity!!

Interesting Fact : There is a bacteria specifically in S.F called San Franciscus Bacillus…
In the bricks of the buildings which = even BETTER sour dough than ANY where! 🙂

…. any way…

THEN we hopped on a bus.. the WRONG bus because the weekend schedule is different…
2.5 hours later we made it home!

We did have an hour wait for the Cal Train AGAIN… and that is what this turned into….

I am up there.. you see me?


Keith found these in the train tracks…

He was looking for money…
He was convinced he was going to find some.. lol

……Nada…….and then he was doing this….

and here I was … COLD.. it was SUPER windy windy windy!!

… We finally made it home at about 9:15!
Then we grabbed all of our coupons and went to safeway and got our groceries!!
(We bought a rump roast that is going to be DELICIOUS.. more to come)

with all of the coupons I printed
Thanks to FabulesslyFrugal…
Check her blog out!
Super helpful if you want to save save save!!
we saved..


..$55.00 dollars!!
ALMOST 1/2 our bill!!


Then we went home…

Yay for saturdays!!



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