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and I was like, Values, Values, Values OHHH!

Time to evaluate my week everyone and what I am truly valuing this week!

1. The weekend! Since I have started school my day is sooo busy!

Up BY 5.. class 6ish-10 ish…
Straight to the gym – 2 hours ish
Home – shower, eat, organize, blog
Work – 2:30 – 6:30pm
Home – study/homework/dinner/relax with my love
Sleep – by 9:30

So I am really grateful for my weekends! Slow it down a bit and just enjoy life! 🙂

2. My mom again! I just LOVE my conversations with her everyday and emails and all the support she gives me from far away.

3. Meeting new families! I babysat for a new family this week and their son goes to the school I work at and it just feels nice to get to know familes because I am used to having so many at home.

4. My crock pot again! Most recent crock pot yummy – a delicious squash recipe!

5. The Fall weather! It is starting to feel like fall and it is refreshing. I do think that my body NEEDS weather changes! It is just a good way to clean your slate a bit and start a new season. New flavors, scents,  warmer clothes, changing colors, cooler temperatures etc.

6. My apartment with my love! Something is just good about having a “home” and this apartment really feels like it. 🙂

I just value life right now and everything…(almost everything) that goes along with it.

What are you valuing on this lovely friday?


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